March 14th 2020

Local Marketers & Consultants: Are You Ready For A Massive Influx Of High Ticket Clients?

“Targeted & Hyper Responsive Leads For Almost ANY Local Service In 90 Seconds Or Less…”

“Leads For Social Media Services, Retargeting, Reputation Services, Ranking Services, & More Under One Dashboard!

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Enter Any Keyword

Choose any keyword of your choice…

Example: Auto Repair, Plumbers, etc.


Enter Any Location

Choose where you want your leads to come from.

Example: Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, etc.


Get Leads

In less than 90 seconds Local Lead Rocket will give all the leads you ever need.

Along with a multitude of data to help you make an informed decision if the prospect is a fit for your services.


Business Name


Business Phone


Business Email 


Reviews Ratings


Business URL


Current Ranking


Social Media Handles


Retargeting & Remarketing Check


Mobile Friendliness Check

From The Desk Of: TAQI ASKARI

Location: Dubai, UAE

Subject: Calling All Local Marketers & Agency Owners Struggling To Get Hyper Responsive Leads

If you’re a local marketer, consultant, or agency owner, you know one thing.

Leads are everything!

And not just any leads.

Targeted, and responsive leads that are actually INTERESTED in your services…

Leads are the LIFEBLOOD of any local marketer, agency owner, or consultant.

The problem?

Getting RESPONSIVE Local Leads Is A Tedious & Time Consuming Task…

You know the whole rodeo…

Endless nights and hours hunting for businesses on Google.

Not to mention messing around with buggy lead finders that constantly crash out and only work 20% of the time.

Talk about a disaster! 

Ask yourself – how is this any different from being a cog at an office?

Is this really what the laptop lifestyle is about?

And what’s more…

Even If You Do Get Leads, How Do You Know They Actually WANT Your Services??

There’s a whopping 30.2 MILLION small businesses in the USA alone.

How do you know if they’re really in need of your services?

Because if you don’t, you’ll be wasting your time selling to uninterested people.

You’ll experience the pain of no one opening your emails, people hanging up the phone.

And perhaps a few not so nice words threatening you to never contact the business again.

I Knew There Was A Better Way!

I was fed up and tired wasting my time on searching on Google & feature poor lead finders.

And that’s exactly why I set out to make a solution…

A solution that would generate responsive leads in any location or industry.

Hyper responsive leads that actually WANT to buy your services.

And I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to accomplish exactly that.


The Most Comprehensive, Feature Rich, User Friendly Lead Finder Out There!

Local Leads Rocket is the “Bentley” of lead finders.

With Local Leads Rocket, you are just a few clicks away from hyper targeted leads!

Enter any keyword, choose a location, and let Local Leads Rocket work for you behind the scenes.

It really is that simple.

See Local Leads Rocket In Action:

Local Leads Rocket Generates Leads For The Most Lucrative Local Services…

Social Media Services

With Local Leads Rocket, you can spy on what social media platforms your prospects are on.

For example, if a business is using Twitter only you could offer them FB social media management services.

Are you seeing the insane potential here?


Retargeting Services

Businesses are willing to pay top dollar for you to run retargeting ads.

They’re proven to be effective at getting hordes of customers.

Local Leads Rocket will tell you instantly, if the business website is running retargeting ads, so you’ll know instantly if they are a fit if you offer retargeting services.

Ranking Services

Ranking services are an effective way for a business to get more customers, and they are willing to pay you a pretty penny to help them out. 

Local Leads Rocket will instantly tell you how a business is ranking on the search engines. 

Reputation Services

Negative reviews can destroy a business, and businesses are willing to pay big bucks to maintain a solid reputation.

The most well known reputation service, ReputationDefender charges $3,000-$10,000 per client!

That’s a whole lot of cheese!

Local Leads Rocket gives you a birds eye view of the businesses current reputation, helping you close more clients for top dollar.

Mobile Optimization Services

Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. And there’s no sign of that slowing down.

It’s no wonder why business owners aren’t afraid to spend an arm and a leg on mobile optimization.

Local Leads Rocket will tell you if the business website is mobile optimized or not

Local Leads Rocket Gives You More Data Than Any Other Software Out There…

Just Look At The Sheer Amount Of Data Local Leads Rocket Finds:

Get Business Phone Number

See If Retargeting Ads Are Running

Get Business Email Address

See If The Site Is Mobile Friendly

See The Reputation Of The Business

Search Engine Rank

Spy On The Businesses Social Media

No More Struggling To Get Leads That Actually Want Your Services!

Are You Ready To Start Seeing Success As A Local Marketer?

When you can generate leads within 90 seconds that are actually interested in your services, making doctor like money is simple.

Because with local marketing, you only need a few clients to make a six figure income.

And also…

Local Leads Rocket Has A Top Notch Filtering System…

We went all out with Local Leads Rocket.

We did everything we could to make it as frickin awesome as possible….

So that’s exactly why we developed a powerful and simple to use top notch lead filtering system for Local Leads Rocket.

This will save you loads of time, as you can find the leads you want at blazing fast speed…

Oh, And Did I Mention Local Leads Rocket Works On ANY Device?

We wanted to remove all barriers with Local Leads Rocket.

And that’s exactly why we made it a cloud based software, so you can get leads on any device.

Local Leads Rocket works on everything from your laptop, desktop, tablet, even your mobile phone.

And To Sweeten The Deal…

You’ll Also Get A Done For You Consultant Website For FREE!

We want you to have everything you need to see success as a local marketer/consultant/agency owner.

Which is exactly why I paid my team to put together a website that will establish you as a credible agency owner…

Helping you close more clients…

If you were to hire someone to do this for you, you can expect to shell out a couple grand.

Today, you get it for FREE!

(Click Here To See A Live Demo of This Site)

But Wait, There’s More!

You’ll Also Receive A Starter Pack For FREE…

I also want to make sure you can get started right away, so I am also giving you free access to my starter pack.

My starter pack includes:


Premium Logos


Business Cards



In Addition, You’ll Also Receive Our DFY Email Templates For FREE!

Close Clients With Ease Using Our FREE DFY Templates…

We want this package to be complete as possible.

And that’s exactly why you’ll be getting 2 email templates, along with 6 done for you emails.

All of these emails were written by a top-flight copywriter, and they are proven to work like gangbusters.

They are proven to help you stand out as a marketer, and grab the attention of your prospects.

And more importantly, they’ll get to the good part…

Closing more clients!

Love From My Customers…

People Just Like You Are Loving Local Leads Rocket!

As a local marketer, getting leads is essential for my agency to thrive. Mo. pinged me and asked if I could test out Local Leads Rocket.

All I can say is WOW! No lead finder out there comes close to the  amount of features and data you get with Local Leads Rocket. And I can say that because man I’ve messed around with an embarrassing amount of lead finders.

Local Leads Rocket is now my go to tool for finding leads so I can start prospecting…

Rose Lund

Cheers to Mo and his team for putting together such a powerful lead finder. Simply put, it works as advertised. I’ll definitely be using the feature that checks if a business is running retageting ads, my favorite feature so far.

Jacob Carlson

Get Local Leads Rocket At A


OK, first of all, I get it…

There is no shortage of discounted & cheap software on the market.

Well, the truth is, I should charge a whole lot more for Local Leads Rocket.

But I won’t.


1. Lowering the price will naturally attract more people to us, meaning more potential success stories…

2. It gives a chance to the little guy

3. And when I have these success stories, it will make it easy as pie to sell my other services and products in the future.

When you take those three things into consideration, it’s totally worth it for us.

Get Local Leads Rocket For Just…

Here’s Everything You Get With

Local Leads Rocket…

Local Leads Rocket Software

With Local Leads Rocket, you can say goodbye to the tedious work involved in finding local leads.

Local Lead Rocket gives you the power to find responsive leads for any local service that you might offer all in just 90 seconds!

DFY Consultant Website

You’re going to get everything you need to see great results as a consultant.

So you’ll get a professionally made and designed consultant site that helps you showcase your services like a professional as well as give credibility to your services.

Starter Pack

You need as much resources and materials as possible to look like you’re a trusted agency or consultant.

This is why we’re going to include a starter pack at no extra cost.

You’re going to get a set of premium logos, flyers, and business cards.

Quick Start Guide

We get it. Not everyone is good at techie stuff or born with a computer science degree.

That’s exactly why I made it a priority to put together a quick start guide that explains everything.

Everything from the bare basics & to how to make the most out of Local Leads Rocket.

DFY Email Templates

To make this package even more complete, we’re also going to give you 2 email templates along with 6 DFY emails.

All these emails were put together by a top-flight copywriter, with the goal of grabbing your prospects attention, and the good part — closing them!

Normally, you’d pay hundreds for materials like these, but you get it for FREE today with Local Leads Rocket.


Step-By-Step Training

We want you to get the most out of Local Leads Rocket.

That’s the reason why we put together a step-by-step training that reveals everything.

We show you everything…

Everything from the ins and outs of the software, how the features work, etc.

Even if you aren’t a techie, we’ll guide you and show you how to make this work.

Our Promise To You…

You’re Protected By Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We strive for 100% Satisfaction and will honestly try to accomodate any buyers needs. We do incur substantial costs to have our software maintained along with the staffing of support members.

However, we’re confident that love Local Leads Rocket so much that you’ll be able to get your money back within 30 days.

To help you make your purchase decision we are including demo for the software on the salespage so there is no mystery as to what you’re getting. If you are not sure please ask before purchasing. Thanks!

Right Now, You Have

Two Choices…

Choice #1

Struggle To Get Local Leads

We’re not going to force you to buy Local Leads Rocket. It’s your choice.

But if you don’t, you’re going to find yourself spending multiple hours on Google looking for business leads.

And most of these leads aren’t targeted, so you’re going to end up wasting a lot of time selling to uninterested people.


Choice #2

Solve Your Leads Problem Forever

Local Leads Rocket allows you to get leads in any industry & location that actually WANT your services.

All within just 90 seconds!

Are you ready to say goodbye to the days of searching on Google and selling to uninterested leads?

Well, you can when you have Local Leads Rocket..,


It’s Action Time!

What You’re Getting Today…


Local Leads Rocket Software – Value: $497


DFY Agency Website – Value: $397


Starter Pack – Value: $297


DFY Email Templates – Value: $297


5 Fast Action Bonuses – Value: $397


Step-By-Step Training – Value: $97


Quick Start Guide – Value: $97


Support Team Ready To Help 

Total Value:


Today, You Pay Only…

I’ll See You Inside…


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Local Leads Rocket?

Local Leads Rocket is a software that generates leads for local marketers, consultants, and agency owners.

You are just a few clicks away from fresh and targeted leads that actually WANT your services!

Enter any keyword, choose a location, and let Local Leads Rocket work for you behind the scenes.

It’s that simple.


Are there any hidden fees?

NO! All you need is a one time payment to get access to Local Leads Rocket and nothing else is required.


Is this a relaunch

Local Leads Rocket has been developed from ground up and has never been offered before either publicly or privately. This is probably the first lead finder in the market that searches leads for all kind of local services from within a single dashboard.

Moreover, this fetches more data than any other lead finder out there. That said, you are getting a brand new app that has never been offered before.


Are there any hidden fees?

NO! All you need is a one time payment to get access to Local Leads Rocket and nothing else is required.


Are the leads really targeted?

Yes, they truly are! Local Leads Rocket gives you all the data you need to see if the lead is a hot prospect… 


What if I experience issues?

If you have any issues with Local Leads Rocket, you can contact our support team at any time…


What devices does Local Leads Rocket work on?

Local Leads Rocket is a cloud based software so it works on all devices.


Is there a guarantee?

We do everything we can to make your experience as a customer pleasurable as possible. 

If you have any issues with Local Leads Rocket, we are more than happy to help you out at our support desk.

For that reason, we have a no refund policy.




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