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Brand New Technology Lets Your Subscribers Offer a Highly Innovative, Ultra Profitable and an Actually Beneficial Local Service To Clients

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Tue, Jan 12th, 2021 at 11AM EST

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Revio Explained

So Taqi, What’s Revio Exactly All About?

Revio is an artificially intelligent cloud-based app that helps with reputation management, increases the reputation of a business or maintains it, in a very unique and engaging way.

Many businesses don’t get the ‘second chance’ when collecting reviews as the reviewers go away for good after leaving a bad review.

Revio empowers the users giving them that second chance where they can potentially change the opinion of people writing a review for a service or business.

Taking advantage of its live sentiment analysis technology, it instantly detects the mood and tone of the review being typed by a visitor and then immediately tries to engage with them.

If the review is good, it prompts them to share it with others generating social traffic and if the review is bad or neutral, it allows visitors to record a voice message or guide them straight to a hotline so businesses could get the second chance before a bad review is left.

Some Of Revio’s World’s First Features Include…

Real-time sentiment analysis technology to instantly detect the toon and mood of the review being typed.

Comes with ready-made mobile-optimised templates that render beautifully on any device.

Widget settings let you completely control how your widget works and behaves in the browser giving you more customisation power and increasing your chance to get a positive review.

Allows visitors to record a voice message or give them access to a preferred direct hotline so businesses could address the grievances of such users right on the spot and before any negative reviews are left by them.

Leads captured are stored with their sentiments that can easily be segmented and then later on exported to a major autoresponder for follow ups.

A commercial license is included that allows you to create unlimited widgets for your clients, at any price you please.

Super simple yet powerful app.

Cloud based, so there’s nothing to download or install.

Here’s Why Revio Blows Everything Else Out Of The Water

With Revio in your arsenal of marketing tools, your subscribers can start offering a truly unique and valuable service to their clients.

In any niche…

From any location…

Within seconds…

It’s all possible thanks to Revio and its cutting-edge technology.


Just 3 Clicks To Start Getting Paid



It’s all possible thanks to Revio and its cutting-edge technology.



Copy-paste a simple line of code to show the widgets on a website or a particular web page



Start collecting more positive reviews without any manual intervention.

See The Power Of Revio In Action

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Deep & Congruent Funnel Proven To Convert Visitors Into Cash

(Earn 50% Commisssion On The Entire Funnel)


Revio Application ($27)

Revio is a brand new way of collecting reviews. For the first time ever, you can take advantage of sentiment analysis technology and get the attention of your website visitors right when they are typing a review about your business or services and prompt them to engage in a way that would ultimately help you increase your business reputation.


Revio Pro ($47)

The Pro version of Revio allows users to find qualified leads that are in dire need of reputation management. By using just a keyword and after setting up a location, users can access hundreds of hot leads. With clear lead ratings and sentiment analysis done on the last review, they can instantly spot leads that would love a solution like Revio.


Revio Agency Pack ($37)

This agency pack gives users access to everything they need to quickly be up and running with their agency. This pack includes ready-made logos, business cards, flyers, social media posts and a lot of other DFY goodies. All these are made just to sell Revio as a service so users can just print them out and get to work right away without any waiting.


Revio Reseller Edition ($97-197)

Users would be able to sell Revio app as their own and keep 100% profit across the funnel.

A golden opportunity to take advantage of a done for you software business without any hassles, setup or costs. Your subscribers can leverage our 6 figures team of top notch designers, copywriters and developers. No technical skill needed, just plug n’ play. We handle customer support for you. Video tutorials are also included.

5 Reasons To Join The Revio Launch On Jan 12 2020


Taqi Askari has pulled off multiple six figure launches, with a consistently selling hot product that your audience will go out of their way to buy.


We treat our customers like kings. Rest assured, because we provide long-term support for all of our products.


We reciporate hard always to our affiliate partners, and dominate their leaderboards.


You can sleep well at night knowing you’re promoting software that your customers will be happy with.


We hire the best, cream of the crop designers and copywriters to make sure this converts like a beast for you.

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*Must earn the amount of the prize money per contest or we’ll distribute what you earned from the prize money.

Team Allowed: Max 2 Person Per Team*.

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We Go Live On…

Tue, Jan 12th, 2021 at 11AM EST

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Swipes? You Betcha, We Got You Covered

He's getting paid $250 for 5 minutes of work?

I know, that sounds insane, but listen..

My friend Taqi has uncovered an out of the box local service that he’s been using to collect $250 payments from business owners amid the pandemic.

It takes a maximum of 5 minutes, usually less to fulfill the service.

And this is pandemic proof, because businesses actually need it MORE during these times.

I promise.. This 5 minute service is unlike EVERYHTHING you’ve ever seen before.

And selling it to business owners of all kinds is as easy as boiling water.

Do you want in on the action?

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Business owners are going out of their way to pay for this service

With more people at home on their computers than ever before, local businesses are relying on marketers like us to help stand out from the competition.

And there’s one thing that matters and that’s positive reviews. Even more amid the pandemic…

Most people will simply not shop at a business if they have a lack of reviews, or certainly if there’s negative feedback.

In fact… If business pay attention to their reviews, the internet could be littered with bad publicity, forever tainting the reputation of the business..

This can force them to pay a company like ReputationDefender $3,000 to $10,000… Yikes! That’s a lot for a mom and pop shop.

The good news is, this creates an opportunity for people like us to profit, while helping out struggling local businesses.

My buddy Taqi has put together an ingenious service for boosting reviews



Help struggling businesses while getting paid for it?

As COVID-19 continues to ravage on around the world, more and more businesses close by the day.

And as horrible as this is, it’s created an opportunity for you to potentially start making some extra cash from home.

With no experience.

With no paid ads.

With no cold calling.

My friend Taqi has uncovered a service that only takes 5 minutes to fulfill, but you can easily charge $250 for it.



Because it’s proven to protect a businesses reputation by getting authentic positive reviews.

And their reputation matters more than ever before, if they want to survive the pandemic.

So how is this even possible? The secret is in the artifical intelligence, which does virtually all of the heaving lifting for you

See the power of it in action here >>

So what the heck is Revio?

Hey, over the past few days I’ve been emailing you about a new app created by my bud Taqi.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s a quick rundown..

Revio is an app that combines reviews + reputation with artifical intelligence.

And boy oh boy it packs a powerful punch..

Getting businesses reviews is normally a tedious task that involves a lot of boring manual labor, which is why Revio is so handy.

Here’s how you can start offering Revio as a service to business owners and potentially start seeing results as soon as tomorrow:

Step 1. – Install Revio on your client’s site (this only takes 5 minutes max)
Step 2. – Configure the Revio widget to match your clients branding.
Step 3. – Sit back and let Revio do the heavy lifting for you.

The Revio widget will gather reviews from website visitors and instantly detect if it’s negative, positive, or neutral.

This gives business owners a second chance with unhappy customers who could taint their prized reputation..

Which is why Taqi and his students can easily charge businesses 250 buckaroos. They happily pay for it because they instantly see the value.

The best part?

There’s no risk for saturation for two reasons:

1. This is a completely brand new service with a unique twist
2. Every business needs a rock solid reputation, no matter what industry. There are tens of millions of small businesses that exist in the United States alone, hundreds of millions worldwide.

So are you ready to grab your slice of the pie and start cashing in on this 5 minute service?

Then go here to get started >>

(A fair warning) Don't miss out

Currently, Taqi is offering Revio for a low one time price (same as a pizza).

Honestly I think it’s too low. He’s undercutting himself too much and should charge more for what he’s selling. Because this is something you could potentially create a job replacing income with..

All you need to do is make 1 sale a day of 250 bucks, spend 5 minutes max setting it up, and you’re done for the day.

I’m not the biggest fan of hype.. But there really isn’t more to the process. It really is that simple.

However, I have a fair warning for you.

The price of Revio will go recurring in just a few days, so if you want to get started for the lowest price..

Be quick.

And click the link below now unless you like paying more for the same thing.

Here’s a special discount link >>



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